How To Get Started


Firstly, thank you for your choosing SolidProxies!

Important Notice: You need to have both .net framework 3.5.1 installed and .net framework 4.5.x installed otherwise magicproxy wont start

OK back to it...

In your service welcome email you should receive 3 important credentials that is needed to get you started:

1- Username
2- Password
3- Serial

Your welcome email is sent few minutes after payment is cleared and your account is setup.

Once you have these in hand, Follow these 4 steps to get MagicProxy running:

Step 1:

Download the application from the downloads section and place it somewhere accessable such as your desktop.

You can use this link (You need to be logged to your account to download it)

Or from this direct link

SolidProxies - MagicProxy - Step01

Step 2:

SolidProxies - MagicProxy - Step02

Step 3:

The application should now be active and will remain active until you click "Disable".

SolidProxies - MagicProxy - Step03

** NOTE **
Please make sure to Disable the application when not in use as this will log you out of our system and should eradicate any forseable issues.


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