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Thank you for your recent purchase from SolidProxies, In your service welcome email you should receive 3 important credentials that is needed to get you started:

1- Username
2- Password
3- Serial

Your welcome email is sent few minutes after payment is cleared and your account is setup.

Once you have these in hand, Follow these 4 step by step to get your account started in Gsa Ser:

Step 1:

SolidProxies - GSA Ser Seo Proxies - Step01

Step 2:

SolidProxies - GSA Ser Seo Proxies - Step02

Make sure to check "Disabled Banned Proxies" as shown in Step 2 otherwise Gsa Ser wont communicate with our API to replace dead proxies.

Step 3:

SolidProxies - GSA Ser Seo Proxies - Step03

Step 4:

SolidProxies - GSA Ser Seo Proxies - Step04

Once You click on "Use API" you will be request to enter the 3 credentials mentioned above and You are all set.. That Simple !

IMPORANT NOTICE: YOU CANT use our automated proxies mixed with any other proxies, for example other provider private proxies, or public proxies, Simply our Proxies will stop working, because GSA will sent replace requests for ips not in our database, that will block your account.

Enjoy it!

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